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"LePage needs to realize that our government is a democracy, not a dictatorship. This is not ‘his’ budget, it is the state of Maine’s budget.”
-- Ben Grant, Maine Democratic state Chairman

"In truth, the position of mayor in Waterville is a wholly ceremonial position that essentially involves nothing more than cutting ribbons. It is the city manager who writes the municipal budget and tax code, not the mayor. The mayor has no veto power over the budget. There is really no major difference between presiding over the Waterville city council and sitting behind the governor's desk, especially seeing as Maine's next governor will have to submit a new two year budget almost immediately upon taking office in the midst of a tough economy and a major budget shortfall except, well... everything."
--The Daily Kos

"The guy's a stone brain."
-- Author Stephen King, quoted by the Bangor Daily News, at a political rally blasting Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

"Stephen King's recent referral to Paul LePage as a 'stone brain' reminds me of a quote. "You should never call a man a dog. It's an insult to the dog.' Somewhere, a stone in Maine awaits his apology."
--Catherine Burns, Canaan

--Paul LePage doesn't like the press. Some people don't like mirrors. Probably for much the same reason.

--LePage keeps repeating that Maine regulatory laws need to conform more closely with other states. Last time I checked, the Maine motto was, "I lead," not "I follow."

The LePage administration promised us transparency and we're getting it! Shining through everything they do are greed and stupidity, stupidy and greed. It doesn't get more transparent than that.

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