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"Thinking Beyond Paul LePage"

Paul LePage and the Labor Mural

LePage's actions reminiscent of North Korea. A Washington Post article reviews the show in Washington D.C. where a replica of the mural is currently on display and takes LePage to task for the mural removal, likening it to something that would happen in North Korea, stating, "The events depicted in the murals verifiably happened and can’t be expunged from the record to suit political taste." [9/10/11]

Honor LaborPaul LePage made no mention of Labor Day in his Saturday radio address, which is not surprising since he and his Tea Party cohorts would just as soon we forget about the part labor has played in making this country great -- or the power labor can have if we are unified. This makes it more important than ever that the rest of us celebrate Labor Day, this day of "national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country." [Posted 9/5/11]

Headline: "Emails rebuke LePage for labor mural removal" (PPH, 6/20/11). According to this story, the Governor's office received more than 2,250 emails and letters protesting LePage's removal of the mural from the Labor Building. Among those letters were a number from would-be vacationers who stated they may cancel their plans to visit Maine this summer. How this development will lead to more jobs for Maine people is not yet clear. Another story reported that LePage never saw the mural before ordering it to be removed. [Updated 6/24/11]

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