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Improper Vote Suppression: Paul LePage's recent radio address, in which he urges Mainers to vote "no" on Question 1, is here Lepage claims to be concerned about preventing "one improper vote." We think he should be more concerned about turning away and potentially disenfranchising an entire cadre of voters. Bottom line, if a person turns up to vote on election day and if that person can provide documentation to establish that they are eligible to vote, and if the town clerk has time to review this information, why -- exactly -- should this person be turned away? If having elections that are as open and inclusive as popular is not an American value, we are not sure what is. [Posted 11/7/11]

Same-day voter registration is efficient and much preferable to the alternatives, according to Orono town clerk, Wanda Thomas. This Maine Campus article pretty much tells us all we need to know about same-day voter registration.

LePage recently signed into law a bill that changes Maine's 38-year tradition of allowing same-day voter registration. A petition drive to restore same-day voter registration kicks off tomorrow. The level of enthusiasm for the petition drive may provide an interesting indicator of public dissatisfaction with the overall direction LePage is taking our state. [Posted 7/8/11]

National perspective on politics in Maine is provided by a couple of sources. A Washington Post editorial, "How States are Rigging the 2012 Election," details the regulatory initiatives being imposed on the voting process. The Cap Times features, "Pull back the curtain to expose the ‘wizard’ behind Walker," an editorial which describes the behind-the-scenes national political organization that not only develops legislative proposals benefiting big business, but also has been successful in getting them introduced and pushed through the legislatures in every state. [Posted 6/20/11]

Politics Before People, Again: Hundreds, maybe thousands, of Maine people will go to polling places to vote in the next election, only to be turned away. Others may go to register two business days prior to the election and likewise be turned away. For 37 years, Maine has allowed same-day voter registration. Many town clerks have stated that the current system is not a problem. Voter fraud has likewise not been a problem. Yet the Republicans somehow see the status quo as a problem.

This week, Paul LePage is expected to sign into law a bill that will require voters to register at least three business days prior to an election.

Young people, first time voters, college students, and those who have re-located are likely to be most impacted. In what universe except a corrupt one is the increased voter participation made possible by same day registration not a good thing? Would someone please explain in what way, shape, or form is this people before politics?

MPBN covers the issue here. Mike Tipping shares his thoughts on the bill here. A video featuring Congresswoman Chellie Pingree's discussion of the issue on the Rachel Madow show is below. [Posted 6/14/11]

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