LePage in league with terrorists?

As much as we may have come to believe that Maine Governor Paul LePage is unintelligent, inarticulate, misinformed, and misguided, it seems a stretch to believe he could be in league with a terrorist group that believes the United States Government is illegitimate, but it seems this is exactly the case.  News stories breaking today show that from January to September, 2013, LePage met at least eight times with members of a group who call themselves Sovereign Citizens, a group that is recognized by the FBI and Maine state law enforcement as belonging to “a domestic terrorist movement.”

Paul LePage is a nutjob — and a dangerous one.  Many have suspected it.  Now we have the proof.

It’s Hard to Notice the Climate Changing When Your Head is in the Sand

A lengthy Colin Woodard article in today’s Portland Press Herald examines the current situation in which the LePage administration has halted all planning for climate change (and the intensified storms that are the result) and in which Democrats want to pass legislation that would require Maine to develop such plans.

Previously we have posted about the LePage administrations head-in-the-sand relationship with our environment here.

Still Appalled!

After an extended sabbatical, we are back.

We apologize to all our readers for our absence, but life sometimes intervenes, and we have been living it. Like many of you, we have extremely busy lives and many competing commitments.  However, in this political climate, it seems essential that those who can pitch in by staying informed, staying active, and letting their voices be heard — and that is what we intend to do.

It is our intention to post here regularly between now and the all-important elections in November.  One feature of our new format is that readers are able to comment on our posts — or even contribute articles. Write us with ideas or suggestions. Please bear with us while we get the site up to speed, and thanks for visiting this site.

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