LePage — Miserably Wrong on Environment

Despite our dependence on tourism, Maine’s #1 industry, LePage refuses to admit that quality of place is something that deserves attention.

That shouldn’t be a surprise considering that LePage appointed a former industrial and corporate lobbyist to became commissioner of the state’s Department of Environmental Protection.  As documented by Colin Woodard in his PPH series, “The lobbyist in the henhouse: Whose interests is Maine’s DEP commissioner serving?”  the LePage administration has consistently and repeatedly disregarded environmental safeguards in order to safeguard the profits of the chemical, drug, oil, and real estate development industries.

Maine’s lakes generate $3.5 billion in economic activity, yet LePage couldn’t bring himself to support a bipartisan bill to protect them. The League of Conservation Voters supports Mike Michaud, Angus King now supports Mike Michaud. We support Mike Michaud too.lepage_wrong3

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