LePage Swears, Storms Out of Meeting

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2 thoughts on “LePage Swears, Storms Out of Meeting

  1. Lepage’s budget proposal is completely unrealistic. It will increase municipal property taxes by 10% or more. It also removes what property tax relief we have in place in both the homestead exemption and circuit breaker.
    What will this do ti property values in Maine? People are struggling now to pay taxes on their homes and likely will have to sell or walk away from their homes when they can’t sell. The surplus of homes on the market will send prices crashing.
    Lepage doesn’t understand simple economics. He is way over his head in the office he holds.

  2. Property tax is also a highly regressive form of taxation. A retired person with an income below the poverty level still has to pay property tax.

    I agree that LePage is not doing a good job of anticipating the repercussions of the huge tax shift that he is proposing.

    The Tea Party ideology seems to hold that shifting more of the tax burden to towns will lead to reduction of the size of government overall. Because property owners will “feel the pain,” it will lead to drastic cuts in local education budgets and local services. It also plays into the ALEC strategy of controlling politics at the local level because it is cheaper and easier than getting people elected at the national level.

    Time for all of us to be more involved in local politics, it seems to me.