LePage Off Cliff; Fox Into Hen House

After spending eight days perched on an imaginary cliff of his own making, Paul LePage stepped down from that cliff yesterday when he announced he was calling off his beef with Democrats over the tracker issue.

LePage again demonstrated an aptitude for throwing people under the bus at the same time he is proportedly trying to make peace with them by stating he will meet with Democrats “any time they have something worthwhile to say.”

There is no word on whether he will accept Senate President Justin Alfond’s dinner invitation, although the Democratic senator probably shouldn’t put the soup on yet

In other news, the Natural Resources Council of Maine has brought to public attention that the North Jackson Company of Michigan, a company with “entrenched” interests in mining, has been contracted by the LePage administration to help Maine rewrite its mineral mining regulations. The NRCP is criticizing the selection as giving mining interests too much clout in writing the rules that will govern mining companies, rather than involving more stakeholders and  taking a more balanced approach.

In addition to criticizing this as fox guarding the hen house kind of move, some have observed that LePage’s debt to Michigan Chamber of Commerce for its foul-smelling $225,000 contribution to LePage’s 2010 election campaign is now being repaid.  Contributions to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce are anonymous, but it seems safe to bet that those donors included the mining industry and in particular the North Jackson Company.

It’s bad enough when the fox is left to guard the hen house.  When you hear the farmer got a payoff from the fox, it gets that much worse.

2 thoughts on “LePage Off Cliff; Fox Into Hen House

  1. This is about everyone’s backyard. The mineral resources of Maine belong equally to every Mainer. Any shortcut, any failure to pay royalties to the citizenry for every molecule of valuable substance, will be a slap in the face and a selling-off of the future. We must be willing to take the “long view” in resource management.

    The wealth generated by mining operations in Maine, or elsewhere, will move into the hands of a few lease holders unless we people take the initiative to change our level of involvement in Government. Call your rep. and call the governor, write to the paper and talk to eachother.

    The government is “US.” Take Control!

  2. Thanks for your comment and admonition for people to get involved. Mining is a foreign topic for most of us here in Maine, and if people do not get involved, it might be pretty easy for the LePage administration to pull one over on us.

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