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Top 11 Things We Learned from the 2011 Maine Legislative Session

July 12, 2011

1. If it doesn’t fit with your agenda, then there is no science to support it.

2. One fax trumps thousands of letters.

3. Wealthy people are all “job creators.”  Likewise they are all “hardworking.”

4. There are no rich people in Maine.

5. Eagles don’t pay taxes.  Whales don’t vote.  The short term economy is more important than the long term environment.

6. It’s ok for women to have little beards.  Economic interests also trump concerns for human health.

7. People on welfare are freeloaders.  They are probably also on drugs.

8. If you reduce tax rates for lower income earners by less than $4.00 per week, you can still claim you are giving a tax break for the poor.

9. Works of public art that do not support your agenda can be made to disappear.

10. Unions are to blame for America's economic problems.

11. Public employees are teachers are motivated solely by self-interest.  Corporations, however, can be trusted to act in ways that benefit society -- and need not be regulated.

*The Kennebec Journal’s Review of the 2011 Legislative Session is at: